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What motivates students?
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What motivates students?

Self-determination theory in action

Catering to a set of basic psychological needs can lead to high levels of intrinsic motivation in students. Strengthening the students perception of autonomy, giving them a feeling of competence and establishing a sense of relatedness are the most important leverage points that teachers can influence to trigger student motivation. We will hear about examples from each of those areas.

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Dr. Nadja Shardt (D-USYS)

Nadia Shardt is a postdoctoral researcher in D-USYS and a co-lecturer for Cloud Microphysics with Prof. Ulrike Lohmann. She completed the Foundations of Teaching and Learning course and became interested in applying principles of self-determination theory to the classroom environment. She experimented with active learning sequences and discussion-style lectures, and adjusted the lecture structure based on feedback from students and by observing other lecturers.

Dr. Markus Rottmar

Dr. Markus Rottmar (Empa) is external lecturer involved in teaching the course “Biocompatible Materials” in the fall semester for around 200 Bachelor- and Master-students. In the spring semester, he teaches in the course “Principles in Tissue Engineering” for around 80 Master-students.