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A new perspective on teaching video
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A new perspective on teaching video

Their usefulness in remote teaching

Video is widely used in remote teaching. Next to its potential for effective and sustainable learning, it can also become overwhelming, containing too much information in a short time frame.
In this Refresh Teaching event two lecturers and a doctoral assistant will share their experiences on new perspectives in the use of video. They will also talk about their use of a specialized video player inside moodle, called “Interactive Video Suite (IVS)”. It allows students to add comments, questions and markers to videos and answer questions inside the video. This can help to optimize student learning with video.

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Prof. Roger Gassert (D-HEST)

Prof. Roger Gassert (D-HEST) is Professor of Rehabilitation Engineering at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich. He will talk about his experiences using self-recorded lectures together with the specialized video-plugin IVS (interactive video suite) for moodle. In addition he will talk about a possible re-use of these videos in a flipped classroom setting.

Pascal Bleuler (D-ITET)

Pascal Bleuler (D-ITET) is a doctoral assistant at the Institute for Power Systems & High Voltage Technology at ETH. With his colleagues they shot several videos in the laboratory, involving classical electrical measurement equipment, but also high-voltage probes and safety circuits. These videos are currently used to replace practical exercises and students write reports based on the them. In the future they might also add value to conventional teaching.

Patrick Christen

Patrik Christen (D-HEST) is a lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich and at the Institute for Information Systems, FHNW, Switzerland. He works on the fundamental understanding of complex systems through computer modelling and simulation. He will talk about his use of video and interactive videos in teaching.