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Artificial intelligence in teaching and learning – Opportunities and challenges
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Artificial intelligence in teaching and learning

Opportunities and challenges

In times of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, university lecturers will have the opportunity to ask “What are uniquely human skills and competencies that we need to convey and assess?». Instead of focusing on how to avoid the interference of AI we invite experts to frame a conversation to help us rethink how and what to teach and test in an era where AI is at everybody's fingertips and will continue to be so in the future professional lives of our students.

Discussion moderated by:

Prof. Dr. Günther Dissertori (Rector ETH Zurich)


Prof. Dr. Mrinmaya Sachan D-INFK E-Mail senden
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Prof. Dr. Mrinmaya Sachan

Prof. Dr. Mrinmaya Sachan (D-INFK) is an Assistant Professor in D-INFK where he leads the Language, Reasoning and Education lab. Mrinmaya’s current work in this area studies the opportunities as well as limitations of large language models in high-stakes settings, particularly, Education.

Dr. Manuel Sudau (D-USYS)

Dr. Manuel Sudau (D-USYS) is an educational developer at D-USYS and has broad experience in the field of digital education and educational technology. He provides recent examples of how our students use the available tools in their everyday life and what opportunities and challenges the integration of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning holds.


moderated by Prof. Dr. Günther Dissertori (Rector ETH Zuerich)

Ressources from the audience

ETH Website about ChatGPT:

On top of this: the intellectual property of the “raw data” is not at all respected (comment in last NZZ am Sonntag:

Maybe a bit too broad, but this was a recent comment about ChatGPT in science:

The following annotated list (German only) of links to ChatGPT could be a good starting point to learn more about specific aspects related to higher education teaching:


Mentimeter-Survey to the participants


How do you use AI assistance in education and reasearch?
How often have you used chatvbotls like ChatGPT?
What are questions you have or potential aspects to discuss in today’s context?

See answers collected below: