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Blended learning
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Blended learning

Blending elements of distance learning and face-to-face teaching

Many students and faculty members are back on campus. With a number of Corona semesters under our belts, we have the opportunity now to compare our experiences from those distance-​learning semesters with the time before Corona. What is the value of face-​to-face teaching? What do students do in my class? To learn what?
The refocusing on the value of face-​to-face teaching has many of us wonder how to best spend our time in the lecture halls and seminar rooms. And how the students should best spend their time with us.

Blended learning has been around before Corona forced everybody into remote teaching. Many concepts for how to blend elements of learning-​at-a-distance and face-​to-face teaching have been developed. However, due to the pandemic, never in the past so many people made the direct experience of being part of the blended learning community.

We would like to present a few examples from ETH courses, where ETH faculty has developed course concepts that actively engage students in a variety of ways. All presented courses make use of their face-​to-face time with the students to give them the opportunity to acquire, to practice, to collaborate, to discuss, to investigate or to create content. The examples also show which complementary activities are carried out online.

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