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Classroom Management -practical experience and advice
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Classroom Management

Practical experience and advice

Managing the classroom entails much more than meets the eye. From course planning and expectation management to communication and logistics, there are many things that can be managed. In this Refresh Teaching we will hear from ETH faculty about their approaches to classroom management and get recommendations on how to make your life as a lecturer more easy and the learning experience of your students more lasting.

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Dr. Christian Sailer D-BAUG

Dr. Matteo Savoini (D-PHYS)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Leese (D-GESS)

Matthias Leese is Assistant Professor for Technology and Governance at the Department of Humanities, Political and Social Sciences, ETH Zurich. He works at the intersections of International Relations, Criminology, and Science and Technology Studies. In the tradition of Science and Technology Studies, he sees technology as a mediator for knowledge and action. In this capacity, it plays a key role in how social order is imagined, produced, and maintained. In his research, Matthias investigates how the implementation of new technological tools transforms these processes. To do so, he focuses on security organizations and explores their rationales and practices that are co-​constituted between the technological and the social.