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Developing digital teaching content
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Developing digital teaching content

To enhance student learning

To be able to cope with the growing student numbers, there is an increased need to evaluate, develop, and implement online teaching scenarios, such as blended or flipped classroom formats. One of the biggest challenges in online education is the generation of tailor-made, engaging teaching material. This refresh teaching will discuss content development strategies and present examples for interactive, web-based teaching material, such as videos, interactive scripts, tutorials, and Moodle-based activities. The discussion will revolve around pros and cons of these approaches and how they can be dealt with as well as how the presented strategies can be translated into other disciplines.

Dr. Katja Köhler D-BIOL Educational Developer E-Mail senden
Dr. med. Stefan Markun Institut für Hausarztmedizin Leiter FIRE Forschung / Oberarzt E-Mail senden
Dr. Menny Akka Ginosar D-MATH Lecturer E-Mail senden

Dr. Katja Köhler

Dr. Katja Köhler (D-BIOL) is the educational developer at D-BIOL and a lecturer at D-BIOL. She will present strategies to design interactive scripts and exercises and how Moodle functionalities can be used to design flipped classroom, blended, or online courses.

Dr. med. Stefan Markun (D-HEST, UZH)

Dr. med. Stefan Markun (D-HEST, UZH) designed, developed and implemented a Virtual patients-module for training medical history taking and explored the potential of students’ user data to assess achievement of learning goals.

Dr. Menny Akka Ginosar (D-MATH)

Dr. Menny Akka Ginosar (D-MATH) is a senior scientist in D-MATH and will present a polybook created by him and his colleagues for a flipped classroom unit. He will discuss the didactic goals that each of the various components of this polybook addresses. He will then briefly describe the challenges in teaching a large audience in a flipped-classroom mode and propose some solutions to these issues.