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Envisioning Future Challenges
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Envisioning Future Challenges

Addressing the complexities of tomorrow's world.

Join us for an engaging one-hour lunchtime event focused on envisioning future challenges and equipping ourselves with the necessary skills to navigate them effectively. Led by esteemed experts in their respective fields, this event promises insightful discussions and practical insights into addressing the complexities of tomorrow’s world. Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your perspective and explore innovative solutions for a more resilient tomorrow.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe D-BAUG
Prof. Dr. Alexander Stremitzer D-GESS E-Mail senden
Dr. Sibylle Wälty D-ARCH E-Mail senden

Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe

Prof. (AHO) Tobias Luthe, Program Director at ETH DRRS Learning System (D-BAUG): In his thought-provoking lecture, Tobias Luthe will shed light on the intricate web of crises facing our planet today. In his lecture, he explores the question: What are some of the key future challenges, and what skills do we need to embrace and train? From global environmental issues to local socio-economic challenges, he will explore the urgency of action and the importance of strategic pause. Drawing from his expertise, Tobias will discuss the essential skills required to design desirable futures, emphasizing the need for non-linear thinking, circular cross-scale design, and transformative leadership.

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Prof. Alexander Stremitzer

Prof. Alexander Stremitzer, Professor of Economic Contract Design (D-GESS): If universities want to differentiate themselves from online educational offerings it becomes important to maximize the quality of the in-person classroom interaction. Prof. Alexander Stremitzer will talk about the implementation of a flipped classroom model for his Contract Design class and how it offers a scalable solution to this challenge.

Dr. Sibylle Wälty

Dr. Sibylle Wälty, Urban Transformation Specialist (D-ARCH): Sibylle Wälty will delve into the future challenges of urban transformations, emphasizing the critical role of technology and geodesign in shaping sustainable urban environments. Through her expertise, she encourages her students to apply their knowledge effectively, highlighting the importance of integrating technological advancements with thoughtful design principles.