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Ways of getting your instructional content online

The second exclusively virtual Refresh Teaching event on the topic “Instructional lectures – ways of getting your instructional lectures online” will take place again using Zoom, an online video conferencing system (more information about Zoom below).

PD Dr. Marcel Frehner D-ERDW Lecturer
Dr. Katja Köhler D-BIOL Educational Developer E-Mail senden

Marcel Frehner

Marcel Frehner reports on how he produces and uses online instructional video. He produced weekly online instructional videos that the students had to watch at home before the contact hours. He produced these videos using simple and readily available equipment and (free) software.

Dr. Katja Köhler (D-BIOL)

Dr. Katja Köhler shows how a lab practical course for 260 first year students was transformed into a virtual lab on Moodle.