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Keeping your students on board
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Keeping your students on board

How interactivity can make for a motivating lecture

What makes for a motivating lecture, especially when it is all online? Who could better answer this question than our students. In the recently conducted student survey at ETH, some lectures were specifically highlighted.

Although we did not ask about this in the survey, some students voluntarily told us about instructors with whom they had a particularly positive learning experience or who they experienced an especially motivating lecture with.

In this Refresh Teaching event, we will hear the lecturers behind those lectures who will share their anecdotes and how they managed to create a motivating environment.

Prof. Torbjørn Netland D-MTEC Professor E-Mail senden
Prof. Antonio Mezzetti D-CHAB Professor E-Mail senden
Prof. Cornelia Halin Winter D-CHAB Professor E-Mail senden

Prof. Torbjørn Netland (D-MTEC)

Prof. Torbjørn Netland is Assistant Professor of Production and Operations Management (POM) at D-MTEC. “When the pandemic forced lecturers and students in front of Zoom, we took a different approach. Inspired by TikTok and Hollywood, we developed short 5-10 minutes teaching videos focusing on specific course content. We then met the students online for biweekly quizzes to test learning progress and discuss the fundamental principles of POM. Moreover, students engaged in course assignments as group work—one of which integrated an Innvoedum-funded Virtual Reality technology.”

Prof. Antonio Mezzetti (D-CHAB)

Prof. Antonio Mezzetti teaches inorganic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis to chemists, chemical engineers, interdisciplinary scientists, and molecular biologists in classes between 20 and 100 students. In his approach, he aims at a close coordination between theory and excercises and puts emphasis on understanding over learning by heart.

Prof. Cornelia Halin Winter

Prof. Cornelia Halin Winter is Associate Professor at D-CHAB and teaches pharmacy students on immunology and about protein-based therapeutics. In addition to her regular class with 70-90 students in the Master’s curriculum,  she took over a similarly sized class in the Bachelor curriculum in HS2020. Cornelia will tell us about the different types of interactions she incorporated into her zoom lectures last semester and how they were received.