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Project Based Learning
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Project Based Learning

Fostering students' future skills

Would you like to foster your students’ future skills, whilst also making use of their intrinsic motivation to engage actively in learning? Using a project-based learning approach in your course achieves these goals and more. This Refresh Teaching event on the topic of “project-based education” features  ETH faculty members who will share their ideas and experiences on this way of teaching. The event will also take place in the new PBLabs space (RZ D8), a room designed for project-based teaching and learning. We invite you to join the ongoing discussion about Project-based learning at ETH!

Dr Florian Rittiner UTL Head of PBLabs E-Mail senden
Dr. Andreas Eggenberger D-PHYS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Jantina van der Meer D-BAUG Lecturer E-Mail senden

Impressions of the in-person event at PBLabs

PBLabs RZ is located on the D-Floor of the RZ building.


Project Based Learning - Dr. Florian Rittiner

Florian Rittiner gave an outline of the Project Based Lab (PBL) by introducing the team members, the mission and vision and the core principles of Project Based Education (PBE). A central function of PBLabs is to provide expertise, support, and inspiration for lecturers, educational developers, and department representatives who develop and implement PBE formats.

Project Based Learning - Dr. Andreas Eggenberger, PPlus Lab Course, D-PHYS

Andreas Eggenberger outlined the PPlus Lab courses in D-PHYS. Here small groups of undergraduate students are supported to create their own lab projects, design them, test them and analyse the results. Andreas gave the history of the design of the PPlus labs, the success in 2022 when the project was awarded the KITE award for innovative teaching design, and the subsequent award of an Innovedum grant to develop this project-based teaching design further. Now the small teaching team is supported by two undergraduate teaching assistants, alumnis of this innovative lab course. The slides show in detail the methods, results and evaluation of this inspiring project

Project Based Learning - Jantina van der Meer, D-BAUG

Jantina van der Meer outlined the course in Environmental Engineering with a focus on river restoration. This project based course is based around real-life examples, where students focus on a stretch of local river and the aim is to design and discover methods to restore that part of the river. A group 20 – 25 students work in small groups composed of students from environmental engineering, but also different disciplines. The teaching methods using active learning, field work tasks, and the students are coached by a teaching team from academia, industry and the professions. A range of assessments are used in this dynamic project-based course.