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Reflecting on Emergency Remote Teaching – Part 2
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Reflecting on Emergency Remote Teaching
- Part 2

what should remain and what should change for HS20

In this event we will look towards the upcoming semester and discuss which online teaching practices should remain and how they may be improved considering the uncertainty of the future classroom context. Some lecturers will be teaching fully or partially online for the first time. At this culminating event we have invited the presenters from the recent past Refresh Teaching events to share their ideas and plans for the coming semester.

Dr. Ulrich Genick D-BIOL
Marlene Mader D-USYS
Manuel Zeyen D-PHYS
Prof. Jake Alexander D-USYS
Prof. Marcy Zenobi Wong D-HEST
Prof Roger Gassert D-HEST
Prof. Bernhard Wehrli D-USYS Professor E-Mail senden
Dr. Bublu Thakar-Weingold D-MTEC Lecturer
Dr. Linn Nilsen D-GESS Lecturer
Vivianne Tinner D-INFK Student
Felix Stöger D-INFK Student
Dr. Chris Kettle D-USYS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Urs Brändle D-USYS Educational Developer E-Mail senden

Refresh Teaching «Reflecting on Emergency Remote Teaching (Part 2)» – Panel Discussion

To guide the conversation we want to primarily focus on two questions:

* Which parts of your teaching would you like to move back in to a classroom context and what are your reasons for this?
* Which parts of your teaching would you like to keep online and for what reasons?

Join us for these important discussions that will help summarise an extraordinary semester.