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Spice up your Moodle course
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Spice up your Moodle course

Adding interactive H5P elements to foster learning

Moodle can be a lot more than your repository for course slides and PDF files. In addition to the familiar elements of Moodle forums or a workshop module, small interactive elements can be added to the course using H5P. From supporting the structural organization of your course by “accordions” or “Image Juxtapositions” to short and playful assessment elements towards tools for reflection of the course material, H5P offers a rich toolbox to make your Moodle course more interactive and attractive for your students. H5P elements can also be included in your course’s PolyBook, which can make it more interactive.

We will hear from several ETH faculty about which H5P elements they use and which experiences they made with them.

Dr. Adrian Gilli D-ERDW Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Maria Willecke D-HEST Lecturer E-Mail senden
Serena Pedrocchi LET Lecturer E-Mail senden