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Student wellbeing
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Student wellbeing

How lecturers can recognise and support student needs

Student wellbeing is an ongoing issue within education at all levels. The recent health crisis has not only increased the pressures on student wellbeing but also raised our collective awareness of this topic. We have invited lecturers, students and university employees to join us for an open and honest conversation about the state of student wellbeing at ETH and the importance of the small, but vital role lecturers play in supporting students.

Barbara Koch-Kienast Student Services Counselling & Coaching for students E-Mail senden
Regula Spaar Student Services Counselling & Coaching for students E-Mail senden
Stella Harper VSETH
Dr. Johannes Meuer D-MTEC Lecturer and Senior Researcher E-Mail senden
PD Dr. Nadja El Kassar D-GESS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Prof. Mark Tibbitt D-MAVT Professor E-Mail senden

Barbara Koch-Kiennast and Regula Spaar from Student Services (StS)

Barbara Koch-Kiennast and Regula Spaar from Student Services (StS) will give a short definition of mental health and talk about the main issues ETH students are confronted with in their studying now. The current situation challenges all of us and our students in their daily live. The wellbeing and mental health is essential for studying successfully. Additionally they will share their experience with the students in our counselling’s with the audience and how the service of Counselling and Coaching, support them on the individual side.

Stella Harper (VSETH)

Stella Harper studies System-oriented Natural Sciences at ETH  and is a member of the VSETH Executive Board responsible for university politics. She will present the VSETH’s wiegETHs survey at the event. In this survey students were asked about their general wellbeing, mental health and their experiences with discrimination and misconduct. Stella will give us an insight into the results of the survey and will report on how these issues are now being addressed.

Dr. Joahnnes Meuer

Dr. Johannes Meuer is a lecturer at D-MTEC, he is teaching a course at the master and doctoral level on corporate sustainability and research methods. His teaching is highly interactive and and uses many different teaching methods such as flipped-classroom designs, case studies, and teamwork exercises but also e-learning modules and videos. He usually teaches groups of around 30 students though this year and is also involved in a large lecture with 180-200 students. Johannes states: “Teaching virtually during COVID is already quite intense but one of the most difficult aspects is that it’s a lot more difficult to relate to students and to be aware of how well, or not so well, they are doing.”

PD Dr. Nadja El Kassar

PD Dr. Nadja El Kassar is a lecturer in philosophy teaching seminars in the Science in Perspective (SiP) programme (e.g. Philosophy of Algorithms). The seminars are not too big and so it is possible for all participants to be in direct communication during the sessions. Nadja believes that student wellbeing is central to the success of any seminar. Being sensitive to the atmosphere in class, being available for low-threshold conversations before and after class, making sure that the classroom set-up is conducive to equalinteraction – these are crucial steps towards a productive seminar.

Mark Tibbitt is a Professor in D-MAVT and he teaches a course at the BSc/MSc level on polymer physics and polymer network engineering as well as some practical lab courses. Mark aims to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom where students can feel comfortable working together and with the lecturer to tackle the challenging learning goals in community.