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Teaching in the time of Corona
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Teaching in the time of Corona

Low-threshold examples of online teaching

We cordially invite you to the first exclusively virtual Refresh Teaching event. This will take place using Zoom, an online videoconferencing system (more information about Zoom below).
In this virtual event, four lecturers will report on their virtual teaching methods and experiences. You can experience what virtual teaching feels like, learn from the experiences of the presenters and discuss the limits and possibilities together with the presenters and other participants.

Dr. Chris Kettle D-USYS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Paolo Tiso D-MAVT Senior Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Giovanni Bertolini UZH Lecturer E-Mail senden

Dr. Chris Kettle (D-USYS)

Dr. Chris Kettle shares how he enables the delivery of lectures to the class remotely, to bring together multiple presenters from different countries and perspectives in a single session, enable students to participate remotely in lectures, and to share group presentations and feed back to online participants. On Monday we did a so called ‘Dragons Den’ with Students presenting business ideas and the panel of Judges were all online, including Italy and Peru.
He used slido to collect student feedback and conduct class polls, word clouds etc.

Dr. Paolo Tiso 8D-MAVT)

Dr. Paolo Tiso teaches his course “Advanced Dynamics” (MSc level) from home using Zoom for the last two weeks. He does, in his own words, something rather traditional, mostly sharing screen and going through slides as he would do in the class. Students are physically present in the lecture room, while many others watch the recording (as they used to do also prior the virus spread). For now, he misses the possibility to use a blackboard, and he would love to hear how to engage with students more.

Dr. Giovanni Bertolini (UZH)

Dr. Giovanni Bertolini will share his “lesson learned” with his recently held virtual lecture using Zoom.