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Teaching the crowd. Making the large class feel small
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Teaching the crowd

Making the large class feel small

With rising student numbers in at least in some areas of ETH Zurich, lecturers are increasingly faced with the need to “scale up” their teaching strategies so that they work for larger groups. Their successful strategies may include how they communicate with students, how they integrate Teaching Assistants, and use technology to automate feedback. Join us for this interactive event where we hear from presenters and share strategies with each other.

Dr. Réka Mihalka D-MTEC, D-USYS E-Mail senden
Dr. Meike Akveld D-MATH E-Mail senden
Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann D-MAVT E-Mail senden
Prof. Christian Pohl D-USYS E-Mail senden
Dr. Katja Köler D-BIOL E-Mail senden

Dr. Réka Mihalka (D-USYS, D-MTEC)

Réka Mihálka (D-MTEC/D-USYS) will showcase two writing courses which operate with atypically high numbers of registrations. She will discuss how the lecturer’s feedback can be complemented by other sources of feedback (AI, peer, tutor feedback) and how students can be trained to critically assess feedback.

Dr. Meike Akveld (D-MATH)

Dr. Meike Akveld from D-MATH will present the benefits of personal feedback with Stack.

Prof. Dennis Kochmann (D-MAVT)

Prof. Dennis Kochmann (D-MAVT) will talk about how he uses clicker questions in large lectures and the importance of student-teacher interaction for learning success. He also uses stack question types in the classroom and reports on his use scenarios and the added value.

Prof. Christian Pohl (D-USYS)

Prof. Christian Pohl (D-USYS) will present how they support project groups with student tutors.

Dr. Katja Köhler (D-BIOL)

Dr. Katja Köhler (D-BIOL) talks in her presentation about how they plan, perfom and support group work in large classes.

Discussion and Q&A