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Teaching with real-world examples – attaching meaning to what students learn
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Teaching with real-world examples

Attaching meaning to what students learn

Becoming a scientist requires students to learn the scientific canon of a field and to develop many different competencies. One way to make things interesting for students is to go beyond the textbook and incorporate real-world examples into your teaching. Ideally, within these examples, students simulate doing the tasks that the teacher (in his life as a researcher) does as part of her/his job. This makes the learning of the student highly relevant and can thus be great motivation to wrap their heads around a topic.

In this Refresh Teaching event, we will hear different implementations and the experiences teachers made with them.

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Dr. Jessica Rigutto (D-HEST)

Dr. Fritz Kleinschroth (D-USYS)

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Tilley (D-MAVT)