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Virtual group work
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Virtual group work

How to perform group work virtually on Zoom

The third exclusively virtual Refresh Teaching event on the topic “Virtual group work – how to perform group work virtually” will take place again using Zoom, an online video conferencing system (more information about Zoom below).

Dr. Carmenza Robledo D-USYS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Ulrich Genick D-BIOL Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Urs Brändle D-USYS Educational Developer E-Mail senden
Nielja Knecht D-USYS Student Assisstant

Dr. Carmenza Robledo (D-USYS)

Dr. Carmenza Robledo will share her experiences conducting brainstorming via Zoom so far. She uses brainstorming as a tool for identifying concrete working-group modalities together with students in the UPL II Lecture. The process of identifying working-group modalities includes both: ways to respond to the academic tasks as well as ways to collaborating with each other until the end of the semester in groups of six (bachelor) students.

Dr. Ulrich Genick

Dr. Ulrich Genick (D-BIOL) reports that in-class group work where students are coached by a team of experienced scientists, who roam from table to table to answer questions and give feedback, is a popular teaching format. They are now trying to implement this format using Zoom and its Breakout Room features in a course with about 100 students in 15 groups and with 6 coaches. Their first attempt with this format will take place on Tuesday and we will let you know what worked and what didn’t on Wednesday.

Dr. Urs Brändle and Dr. Christof Bigler

In the biweekly workshops «Applied Statistics for Environmental Sciences”, teaching assistants provide individual guidance to students for the practical exercises and lecturers deepen difficult aspects in short inputs. The team around Dr. Christof Bigler shows how the concept from classroom teaching was transferred to zoom breakout rooms and which advantages result from this.”