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What's here to stay

Ideas about the new normal

Teaching and Learning has changed considerably since the pandemic. A few semesters into the new situation, we would like to discuss which changes were for the better. A panel of presenters from past Refresh Teaching events will share their insights into what they will keep in the future and which adaptations are needed when we approach the time beyond Covid.

Dr. Anouk N'Guyen D-USYS Educational Developer E-Mail senden
Prof. Thomas Schutzius D-MAVT Professor E-Mail senden
Dr. Michèle Gemünden D-GESS Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Ulrich Genick D-BIOL Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Melanie Erzinger D-HEST Lecturer E-Mail senden
Prof. Tom Emerson D-ARCH Professor E-Mail senden

Dr. Anouk N'Guyen

Prof. Thomas Schutzius

Dr. Michèle Gemünden

Dr. Ulrich Genick

Dr. Melanie Erzinger (D-HEST)

Prof. Tom Emerson