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How am I doing?
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How am I doing?

Making student progress visible (primarily) for students.

Blended learning means that students are often working alone and in an online setting. In this scenario students lack the ambient and specific feedback they receive when they are in a classroom and can lean over to their neighbour to find out if they are on track with the lecturers expectations. Moodle offers a range of options for giving students feedback on their progress both in terms of their growing competence as well as their progression through the course.

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Dr. Maria Esther Oswald-Egg (D-MTEC)

Dr. Maria Esther Oswald-Egg (D-MTEC) is a post-doc at the Chair of Education Systems at ETH Zürich. For this semester Professor Ursula Renold and her team (which includes me) teach the bachelor course “Ökonomie”. The course is an elective subject for around 450 first-year (in some cases second-year) students from various study fields. We decided to implement a flipped classroom teaching. To support students in their preparation we implemented Level up in Moodle. Students downloading the lecture slides and reading material for the lectures as well as solving Quiz gain points, which they need to get to a higher level. All students reaching level 7 or more will be awarded with a bonus of 0.25 additional grade.

Beatrice Krause (Library)

Beatrice Krause (Koordination Lehranbindung und Curriculumsentwicklung bei ETH-Bibliothek) is an information specialist, trainer and eLearning expert. At the ETH Library she is responsible for the further development, curriculum connection and development of the information literacy course offerings. In this function, she has developed the self-learning Moodle course “Ready for take-off: how to start your Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis”, together with her colleague Christine Bärtsch, integrating very low-threshold options, such as the progress bar as automated feedback.

Katja Köhler (D-BIOL)

is the educational developer at D-BIOL and director of the D-BIOL Center for Active Learning (CAL). She teaches in a large first semester introductory course for Medical and Health Science students that runs in a flipped classroom format. Katja will show how she uses the Moodle Feature „activity completion“ to help students and lectures to organize, visualize and keep track of student progress in the course.