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Everybody makes mistakes
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Learning from mistakes

There are no learning paths without mistakes. This is not bad news, this is the reality of learning. It does not mean that we have to avoid mistakes. But there is a lot that we can do to include the dealing with mistakes in our teaching.

In this Refresh Teaching, we will hear different approaches from ETH faculty on how to recognize mistakes, analyse mistakes and admitting to mistakes. Spoiler alert: We can learn a lot from mistakes!

Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern D-GESS Professor E-Mail senden
Dr. Meike Akveld D-MATH Lecturer E-Mail senden
Dr. Nils Güttler D-GESS Lecturer and Researcher E-Mail senden

Prof. Elsbeth Stern

Prof. Elsbeth Stern (D-GESS) is professor for empirical research on learning and instruction and head of the institute of behavioral sciences in the department of humanities, social and political sciences (D-GESS) at ETH Zurich. She is responsible for the pedagogical aspect of the ETH teacher training program. In this Refresh Teaching she will show how misconceptions can hinder learning and how we can address misconceptions in teaching.

Dr. Meike Akveld

Dr. Meike Akveld (D-MATH) is a tenured senior scientist and lecturer in the mathematics and teacher education group in the Department of Mathematics (D-MATH). In this Refresh Teaching, she will present her approach of applying the concept of “productive failure” to a large class at D-MAVT.

Dr. Nils Güttler

Dr. Nils Güttler (D-GESS) teaches in the Critical Thinking program and in the MA History and Philosophy of Knowledge. In his seminars, he concentrates on unpacking the „black box“ of writing in the sciences and humanities – an area where failures often turn out to be highly productive. Supported by the Innovedum Fonds he co-developed the research and writing workshop „Æther“.