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Online assessment with STACK – making individual feedback possible
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Online assessment with STACK

Making individual feedback possible

Student growth is a hot topic within ETH right now, increasing the need for efficient and scalable assessment solutions. STACK is a Moodle question type particularly suitable for the large-scale assessment in quantitative disciplines: it can evaluate short text answers as mathematical expressions and check their correctness, ask for graphical solutions, implement complex decision trees for multi-question problems, and more. This allows for more flexibility compared to static multiple choice questions while still offering a fully automated grading/feedback process, including the possibility for partial credit.

In this event we will hear from the following presenters about their implementations of STACK questions in their lectures:

Dr. Andreas Steiger D-MATH Lecturer E-Mail senden
Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann D-MAVT E-Mail senden
Dr. Meike Akveld D-MATH Lecturer E-Mail senden

ETH Community of Practice

Together with LET we run a community of STACK users:

You are welcome to join! We o er many useful links to further documentation, question banks, events, a forum for questions, etc.

Please let us know if there is interest in a STACK beginner’s workshop!

We’re happy to organize something.


Dr. Andreas Steiger (D-MATH)

Dr. Andreas Steiger (D-MATH) will give a short introduction to STACK and then explain how he uses STACK as a Lernelement in his first year analysis course for D-MAVT for more than 700 students.

Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann (D-MAVT)

Prof. Dennis Kochmann (D-MAVT) will show how he uses STACK in his engineering mechanics course to provide the 570 second-year Bachelor’s students with time on task during the semester.

Dr. Meike Akveld (D-MATH)

Dr. Meike Akveld (D-MATH) will explain how she uses STACK both as a Lernelement and to provide extra practise material in her first year analysis course for D-BAUG with around 200 students.