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Teaching Heterogeneous Groups
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Teaching Heterogeneous Groups

Strategies for making use of heterogeneity in your classrooms

Are you ready to embrace heterogeneity in your classrooms? Join us at the next Refresh Teaching lunch event at ETH Zürich, where we delve into the topic of 'Teaching Heterogeneous Groups.' At this event, we'll explore the challenges and opportunities presented by students' diverse disciplinary backgrounds, varying levels of prior knowledge, and differing competencies. Discover strategies to tailor your teaching approach,  to support  students, regardless of their knowledge level, so they are engaged and challenged. Engage with fellow faculty in a discussion on how to balance a wide spectrum of learners at different places in their level of expertise,  while still fostering an enriching learning environment for all. Come and join us for a lively discussion on how we can deal with heterogeneity in our classrooms.



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